Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Pigg Yard

Welcome to Ameba NEWS!
Today`s NEWS: Pigg Yard
Hi readers! Today, pigg just updated the game! What is something new? It is you have now a Pigg Yard!
You will be able to decide to choose the color/style of the house you want to choose.
After it, you can now decor your yard. If you want to make your yard to be yard-looking, there is items on shop you can buy.
If you don`t have much cg to buy Yard items, you can use your current items you have like what i did on mine.
You may take a visit on my room (ID: theamazingkerzs). By the way, you can ring your friend`s room and his/her Yard too!
If you will go to Catalog Shop and see some things for your house and yard, there are packets for your house, for example: rainbow decoration house/yard set worth 1,500 cg.
Btw, i`m sure you guys receive a Mail Box furniture for your Pigg Yard!
 Enjoy! ^_^

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